Welcome to the Kohl’s Kind Kids – BeKindDoKind Program. CHKD and Kohl’s Cares have teamed up to create and nurture a culture of kindness in our Hampton Roads community.  We invite you and your school organization to join us in spreading kindness to help children and youth experience positive interactions that support their social and emotional development.

This program will provide opportunities for students and staff to learn and reinforce the skill of being kind as a daily ritual in and out of school, and be recognized for their efforts. When a culture of kindness is developed and nurtured, studies have shown that academic progress and success is increased as well as overall student and staff morale. In addition, discipline problems decrease.

New this year is the partnership with the Virginia Stage Company who will provide a free in-school 40 minute assembly program that will supplement  the educational materials provided once registered. During your registration you will have the option to request a school assembly performance for your school.

Elementary Performance (K-3)

The Selfish Giant recounts the enchanting and moralistic tale of a hardened, Giant who learns to open his heart to kindness.  When the curmudgeonly Giant denies the local children access to his expansive garden, a great chill descends.  Because of his selfishness, the elements of frost, snow, and hail invade his garden and transform it into a place where spring is banished.  Winter lingers and endlessly torments the Giant.  But, one day the children find a way into the beloved spot and the trees, grateful for the company and attention, begin to bloom.  One child in particular softens the Giant’s heart with kindness and he is transformed and befriends his young neighbors, allowing them to once again enjoy his garden. .  

Late Elementary/Middle Performance  (Grades 4 – 8)

A.O.K. –  ‘The Acts of Kindness’ Video Game Game Show

Set during a live broadcast of a fictional, long-running TV game show, A.O.K. –‘The Acts of Kindness’ Video Game Game Show places the audience in the role of the TV studio audience.   A.O.K. is an original, high energy, comedic/dramatic, physical theater show that includes three stories about ‘real world’ challenges about empathy. Each larger-than-life TV Personality contestant is put into a ‘real world challenge’ story that reveals two very different endings; one revels an empathetic outcome, and the other ending reveals a more self-interest/ self-fulfilling ending.   Each contestant, along with the audience then judges which ending is the more empathetic one.  The contestant that is rewarded the greatest number of empathy points on the ‘Electronic Empathy Meter Board’ wins the grand A.O.K Award.

For more information contact Sam Fabian at 668-7402 or Sandra.Fabian@chkd.org or Register now.