Bike for Bryce

Coastal Cafe of Kempsville

What an incredible feeling to be able to carry out a mission of kindness. After hearing the horrifying story of the stolen bike, I felt the Coastal Café needed to help out. Our neighbors in Kempsville, our Facebook friends, & family members all pitched in. It took about 7 days to complete our mission of … Continued


Be a Bucket Filler

Point O' View Elementary

At Point O’ View Elementary all students are encouraged to be kind to other students and staff. When students are caught doing a kind deed without having been told to do so they are awarded with a slip that identifies them as a Bucket Filler. All Bucket Filler slips are placed in a large bucket … Continued


“Bike for Bryce”

Coastal Cafe of Kempsville

One of my friend’s and customers at the Coastal Cafe has a son that has special needs. Last week someone stole his special needs bicycle from under the house’s carport. The Coastal Cafe is a small business with a lot of big hearted customers. My staff decorated a jar and started a collection to buy … Continued

norfolk highliands

Character Counts

Norfolk Highlands Primary School

Character education for all students through classroom guidance, bucket filling recognition, students of character each month.


Be Kind Do Kind

Landstown Middle School, Virginia Beach, Virginia

As a middle school we work on being kind throughout the year. Here are some of the activities we have successfully completed: Our seventh grade math class completed a “Show Me the Gratitude” assignment where students wrote a letter or poem to a math teacher of their choice to express their gratitude for their outstanding … Continued


Bullying Prevention

Lynnhaven Middle School

We are a middle school and we are eliminating bullying by promoting kindness!


Kindness Rocks at Woodstock

Woodstock Elementary

The students at Woodstock have been busy raising money for the Victory Lighthouse Center this winter. Ms. Wyman’s 5th grade class fund-raised on their own by completing extra chores, raking leaves, conducting bake sales and car washes. 46 students all went to Walmart with the funds they raised, using their decimal math skills, and purchased … Continued


Be Kind Do Kind

Landstown Elementary School

The Landstown Elementary School Dolphins will be participating in the Be Kind Do Kind Campaign in the month of December. Students will work with their school counselors to identify acts of kindness that they can complete during the month. The Be Kind Do Kind Campaign will help the students prepare for the Great Kindness Challenge … Continued

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Be Kind, Do Kind

Lakeland High School

Within the next month, we hope to make our school an extremely kind place to be! We have set up a Christmas tree near the cafeteria with “kindness ornaments” on it to encourage students to perform acts of kindness throughout their day. We will be dedicating certain days of the week to lunch staff, custodians, … Continued


Teens Creatively Cultivating the next generation of leaders

TWP-The Youth Movement

To create a platform to empower young people to use their voices, energy, abilities and talent to demonstrate their power to effect personal change and positively impact the lives of others through the arts and peer-led programs and events. We create a safe, non-judgmental environment for self-expression for all young people as we continue to … Continued


Great Kindness Challenge

Green Run Elementary

The Be Kind, Do Kind program at Green Run Elementary School will be initiated January 2015 during anti-bullying prevention and awareness month for VBCPS. The school counseling department will work with teachers and the administration to support activities and promote ways the students can develop more positive relationships with one another by choosing to be … Continued


Secret Kindness

Tallwood National honor Society

Students during their lunch period, will write anonymous letters to someone in the school related to kindness (i.e. “you’re beautiful” or “You’re so sweet”)


Pumpkin Fun

Chesapeake Youth Advisory Board

Chesapeake high school youth visited Lighthouse Pointe Retirement Home and carved pumpkins with the residents. The completed pumpkins line the walkway into the facility and bring smiles to everyone’s face.


be kind do kind

Pembroke Elementary School

As the School Counselor I teach lesson in the classrooms. One of my topics is kindness. This fits right in with what I promote with the students.


Be Kind Do Kind – Random Acts of Kindness

Wave City Care

We are excited to be participating in the Be Kind Do Kind program! Our focus will be random acts of kindness in our mentoring, tutoring and life skills programs as well as our Thanksgiving, Christmas and other community events.


Be The Driver of Your Bus

We are tying in the Be Kind Do Kind in with The Energy Bus for Kids by Jon Gordon. Staying positive to others as well as yourself. Filling our buses with positive thoughts and gestures!


Operation Christmas Child

Oaktree Academy

December Update: Oaktree Academy Kindness is contagious. Our high school leadership team came up with the idea of organizing a “Secret Santa” program for our 87 elementary kids. The leaders organized high school volunteers who purchased small gifts for ALL of the elementary students and then went in to each classroom last Friday distributing their … Continued


Kohl’s Cares- Be Kind Do Kind

Fairfield Elementary School

We are excited to promote kindness in our school and community with the Kohl’s Cares Project!