Caught Being Good

White Oaks Elementary

White Oaks is so excited to bring the CHKD Kohl’s Kind Kids Program to our school! Through guidance lessons and school-wide events, we will be promoting kindness through-out our school and community! We will be entering in the nation-wide Kindness Challenge in January and each class will be completing their own kindness deed as a … Continued


ECCS Impact

Little Dixie Community Action Agency

Improving early childhood health, development, and family well-being.


Be Kind

Riverside Elementary School

My first graders came up with a list of ways to help their school, community and animals. They chose Be Kind for our school. They have made a few mini-posters to hang around the school. I am hoping through this we can continue to work on being kind and my kids can think of ways … Continued


Be Kind Do Kind

Three Oaks Elementary

Our school-wide theme for the past several years is “Be Kind Do Kind.” We have been recognized as a Kindness Certified school for participating in the Guinness World Record for creating Kind Hearted Handprints. We use “Caught being Kind” tickets to recognize students for their kind words and actions. These tickets are given to kind … Continued


Little SHERO Day

Made For More Inc.

Our female high school students select one day a month to share positive empowering tips with elementary and middle school girls. We meet at the local community centers ( varying the location to reach all young people through out the city) for two empowerment hours of fun and self worth activities. For example the group … Continued


S.A.M.E. Stars

Seatack Elementary An Achievable Dream Academy

At Seatack Elementary An Achievable Dream Academy we focus on developing our students through a holistic approach called S.A.M.E. This stands for Social, Academic, and Moral Education. Our students learn a variety of skills through our Social Rotations which consist of Etiquette, Ethics, Peaceful Conflict Resolution, and Speaking Green. Students learn how to treat each … Continued


Be Kind Do Kind

Butts Road Intermediate School

Students will learn about character, including kindness, during guidance lessons. Students will also have the opportunity to show their knowledge of character and share what it means to them by participating in a city-wide “Character Counts” poster contest. In October, for literacy month, our school will hold a book drive for students in neighboring schools. … Continued


Be a Bucket Filler

Point O' View Elementary

At Point O’ View Elementary we are trying to build a community of kind students and staff. This year our new guidance counselor will have more than one bucket that can be filled. with acts of kindness One bucket will be filled with acts of kindness that students have done and another will be filled … Continued


Kindness Begets Kindness

Grassfield High School

Grassfield Theatre will explore the idea how kindness can have a ripple effect on the things you say and the things you do.


Bruin Kindness Ambassadors

Western Branch Intermediate

Our WBI Bruin Kindness Ambassadors will be incorporated through our Student Council Association to provide encouragement, random acts of kindness, welcoming of new students and inspiring others to spread kindness throughout our building.


WES Hornet HERO (Helping Everyone Respect Others) Club

Windsor Elementary School

Windsor Elementary School strives to foster and model a community of excellence! Through the Hornet HERO Club, students are encouraged to spread a message of kindness and respect throughout the building. An Anti-Bullying Club at heart, we strive to create an environment where bullying is just not a part of our school culture. We do … Continued


Bookmarks of Encouragement

Larrymore Elementary School

Work with the media specialist and have the different grades make bookmarks of kindness which are placed in the books that student borrow.


Whooo’s Kind? W.H. Taylor’s Kids Are!

W.H. Taylor Elementary

Through Taylor’s PBIS program, Taylor’s Owls will participate in assemblies, skits, and other promotional activities that promote positive, kind, and helpful student behavior.


All of Us Are Kind – Tarrallton Elementary

Tarrallton Elementary School

We stress Kindness in every aspect of life at our school. We have posters around the schools, stories about kindness and why it is important to be kind to everyone. We stress that our school is a bully free zone and we work with our great counselor Danielle Rosso with anti bullying programs and teaching … Continued


Be Kind, Do Kind, Green Run Colts!

Green Run Elementary

This will be the third year that Green Run Elementary will be a Kind Community. The assemblies we were fortunate to have last year were not only entertaining for the students, but were great conversation and discussion starters in the classroom. We would be honored to welcome back the Virginia Stage Company as we continue … Continued


Be KInd Do Kind Initiative

Suburban Park Elementary School

Good Morning, Suburban Park Elementary School is continuing the Be Kind Do Kind Initiative in our school and would be grateful to have an assembly from the Virginia Stage Company about showing kindness and respect to others. Last year, our students thoroughly enjoyed the performance of “The Selfish Giant”. I am hoping that our upper … Continued


We Are Bucket Fillers

B. M. Williams Primary School

Our school counselors will read the book “Are You a Bucket Filler” to all of our kindergarten, first, and second grade students, then we will promote the ideas throughout the year and have students watch for ways to fill buckets. Filling buckets means making someone happy. Our students will write appreciation cards, collect coats for … Continued



Georgie D. Tyler Middle School

The Wrat Pack (World of Respect, Acceptance and Tolerance) is a club dedicated to helping the community and promoting positive citizenship. We will work to provide assistance to those who are in need of food, to animals who are in need of help, and to families that cannot celebrate their holidays adequately. We will also … Continued


An Elephant Never Forgets

Easton Preschool

An elephant never forgets to be safe, be kind, and be respectful. As an early childhood center, teaching social skills such as kindness and cooperation form a large part of our instructional program. Peer buddy students in our classes for students with disabilities learn kindness and acceptance as they help their friends practice social and … Continued