Little SHERO Day

Made For More Inc.

Our female high school students select one day a month to share positive empowering tips with elementary and middle school girls. We meet at the local community centers ( varying the location to reach all young people through out the city) for two empowerment hours of fun and self worth activities. For example the group has a song that speaks about body image and loving themselves. We believe that when you love yourself and the body you are in you are less likely to be mean to people around you. We also invite local youth that are doing big things to come in as guest speakers and to join our SHERO team. We have an elementary school entrepreneur that hosted a meeting about her business. She makes girl’s purses from tank tops and sends them to 3rd world countries with a positive affirmation attached to it. We had a meeting for the young girls to make a dazzled up personal hand held mirror for them to take home and repeat the daily positive affirmations.